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Pendleton, Grant, Hardy, Mineral, Hampshire, Morgan, Berkeley & Jefferson Counties

Fox Law Office, PLLC is pleased to serve clients in areas of the law related to Accidents, Personal Injury, Employment, and Insurance from the eastern area of West Virginia, many of whom work in the construction industry, throughout Pendleton, Grant, Hardy, Mineral, Hampshire, Morgan, Berkeley, and Jefferson Counties:

Pendleton County, WV: Franklin, Riverton & Seneca Rocks

A Pendleton County worker in Franklin who has been discriminated at work, they may call Fox Law Office. Attorney James Fox has over 30 years of experience in employment law, and our office can assist clients in Franklin. A client may have been demoted or pressured into leaving because they reported unsafe working conditions to the proper authorities. Fox Law Office works hard to investigate facts, fight for worker safety, and defend your employment rights in court when you are the target of discrimination.

Likewise, when a person in Riverton is no longer working because they have been wrongfully discharged, James Fox is the lawyer you need to call. The Fox Law Office has handled employment law for the past 30+ years. With the experience you need, Attorney Fox will investigate your claim of wrongful termination, and works hard to defend your rights. If you have been granted family leave under FMLA or were out with an injury and get a notice that your job is being terminated or you are being discharged, give our office a call.

Seneca Rocks citizens can count on Attorney James Fox, and the Fox Law Office, PLLC, when they have been discriminated against because they filed for workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is there when you are injured on the job, and employers may attempt to dismiss injured workers to keep their own insurance rates low. This is an illegal practice, and Attorney Fox and his staff will work hard to assert your employment rights and get you the settlement you deserve.

Grant County, WV: Petersburg, Bayard & Maysville

Fox Law Office, PLLC is familiar with Petersburg, and can help when you have an insurance dispute matter that needs to be resolved in Grant County. Attorney James Fox has over 30 years of experience with insurance matters, and will go to the county seat to file petitions on behalf of clients who get the runaround from insurance companies. He and his staff work hard to resolve and settle outstanding insurance matters as quickly as possible, so clients can get on with life.

Bayard drivers who are injured in an auto accident may call on Attorney James Fox for help with their insurance claim. The Fox Law Office handles personal injury law and is experienced with automobile accident claims. We can help you get your car repaired, payment for your doctor bills and on-going therapy after your car wreck, so you can regain peace of mind.

If you have been in a truck accident in Maysville, be sure to contact the Fox Law Office, PLLC, for assistance with your claim. Truck accidents involving tractor-trailers often have commercial insurance for carrying various materials. This means there may be additional parties that can be held liable in the event of a truck crash. Attorney James Fox has over three decades of personal injury law experience and can help you and your family get a settlement that is fair.

Hardy County, WV: Moorefield, Wardensville & Needmore

If you are from Moorefield and experienced personal injuries as a result of a motorcycle accident, you may choose to contact the Fox Law Office for help with your injury claim. Attorney James Fox has handled personal injury law matters for over 30 years, and has the experts who will reconstruct the accident scene in Hardy County and get to the facts. This information, as evidence in court, can help prove liability and get your motorcycle accident case settled promptly.

West Virginians in Wardensville who have a personal injury matter can contact the Fox Law Office, PLLC, in Hurricane. Attorney James Fox has over three decades of experience handing all types of personal injury cases, from construction accidents, to brain injuries, and wrongful death. He has the resources and staff to get the facts and determine liability in personal injury matters.

Coal mine workers in the Needmore area can contact Attorney James Fox at the Fox Law Office when they are injured while working on the job. Mining coal can be dangerous work, especially if safety rules are not followed. The Fox Law Office, PLLC is here for clients in Needmore who have accident or death claims against mining operations. We can help you get the settlement you and your family need.

Mineral County, WV: Keyser, Piedmont & Ridgeley

Persons in Mineral County who are hurt in logging accidents in Keyser know they can contact Attorney James Fox for help with their claim. The Fox Law Office, PLLC has the experience in handling logging accident claims across the state of West Virginia, and works diligently to reach a settlement for our clients. Logging and the timber industry can often be difficult work, especially in the field. Whether you have been injured on the job, or on the road by a logging truck, our office in Hurricane can help you.

Piedmont residents whose lives have been affected by gas well drilling may call on the Fox Law Office for assistance with asserting a legal claim. Attorney James Fox can assist you and your family when the drilling and hydraulic fracturing has caused significant problems with your quality of life. Heavy traffic involving gas drilling trucks has seen an increase in accidents. Contact us from Piedmont to review your injury claim with our knowledgeable attorney.

Injured in a construction accident in Ridgeley? The Fox Law Office, PLLC, in Hurricane, has the legal experience to go after all of the liable parties. You may be entitled to more of a settlement than workers’ compensation can provide, so it is best to consult with a well-informed attorney who can dedicate the time and resources to help you get your construction accident case settled.

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Hampshire County, WV: Romney, Capon Bridge & Delray

The Fox Law Office, PLLC, handles premises liability matters in Romney, so if you have been injured in a slip and fall accident anywhere in Hampshire County, please give us a call. Attorney James Fox has over 30 years of personal injury law experience, and has the resources and staff to handle your premises-related accident. You do not have to get the runaround from the insurance company when you have the Fox Law Office fighting for your rights. 

A brain injury can happen from even a slight accident where the head is banged or bumped. The resulting symptoms can be difficult to live with, often requiring special care. If you live in Capon Bridge, the Fox Law Office, PLLC will assert your legal rights when you or a loved one have a brain injury. Attorney James Fox has the experience you need to get a settlement that will take care of your needs.

If a loved one in Delray has been injured in a nursing home, you need to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney, like James Fox, of the Fox Law Office, PLLC. Determining the extent of an abusive experience may not always be easy, but Attorney Fox has the experience to get the evidence that can be presented in court. We trust and expect nursing professionals to provide expert care for our loved ones. The Fox Law Office will fight for your legal rights in nursing home abuse matters. 

Morgan County, WV: Berkeley Springs, Hancock & Paw Paw

If you or a loved one in Morgan County experienced trauma involving a brain injury in Berkeley Springs, you can count on the Fox Law Office, PLLC to handle your injury case. Even the smallest head bump can be enough to cause a concussive trauma to the brain. Resulting damage can cause a number of symptoms that require expert care. Attorney James Fox has the experience you need to assert your rights and get the right settlement in a brain injury case, so contact us today for a free consultation.

If you live in Hancock and suffered a spinal cord injury in an accident at work or on the road, give Attorney James Fox a call. He and his caring staff at the Fox Law Office, PLLC, in Hurricane, will handle your insurance matters and investigate thoroughly to ensure liability is determined. Together, the Fox Law Office helps our clients in Hancock who may have extensive injuries to their back and spine, who often need targeted treatment and therapies, find the settlement they need. We can get you results!

The Fox Law Office in Hurricane is here for residents of Paw Paw, who may need legal assistance with a wrongful death matter. As caring neighbors, we are here to listen to your concerns and difficulties when faced with the untimely death of a loved one. Our experienced team can obtain evidence that will place liability where it belongs in order to get our clients the appropriate settlement. This can help pay outstanding bills and add security to your quality of life going forward.

Berkeley County, WV: Martinsburg, Hedgesville & Ridgeway

Martinsburg is the county seat for Berkeley County, and the courthouse is familiar territory to Attorney James Fox. His office in Hurricane, the Fox Law Office, works with clients in the Martinsburg area who have employment law matters. Attorney Fox consults with clients who may have been discriminated against at work, who are the victims of sexual harassment, and who may have a workers’ compensation claim against their employer. With more than 30 years of experience, contact the Fox Law Office, PLLC, to see how we can help you.

If you have been sexually harassed at work, you do not need to feel victimized. Contact Attorney James Fox, at the Fox Law Office, PLLC, to review your concerns in confidence. Attorney Fox is here to offer advice to residents of Hedgesville who have been harassed on the job, or been propositioned into thinking they had to grant sexual favors in order to get ahead in the workplace.

Discrimination at work is illegal all across the state, so if you live in Ridgeway and have had your work reassigned or lost your job due to your gender, ethnic heritage, or sexual orientation, or any other prejudicial reason, contact Attorney James Fox at the Fox Law Office, PLLC. Our caring staff is here to assert your rights under employment laws so you can find the settlement you need.

Jefferson County, WV: Charles Town, Shepherdstown & Harpers Ferry

The Fox Law Office, PLLC, serves clients in Jefferson County, and is here to assist you in Charles Town if you have a question about wrongful termination. Employers can terminate employees at-will at any time across West Virginia; however, it is not legal for employers to terminate employees with certain protections, such as age, or when leave is approved under provisions of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Contact us to find out how we can help if you have been wrongfully discharged from your job.

We encourage our neighbors in Shepherdstown to call the Fox Law Office, PLLC if you are experiencing discrimination because you filed for workers’ compensation. Being discharged from your position while you are recovering from injuries at work is against the law, but that does not always stop certain employers from using this tactic. Discuss your situation with our experienced attorney, James Fox, today!

If you live in Harper’s Ferry and have any type of insurance matter that needs legal representation, give the Fox Law Office a call. Attorney James Fox has over 30 years of experience dealing with insurance matters involving a vehicle accident, damage, or other injury case. When the insurance company is giving you a difficult time in receiving a fair settlement, please get in touch with Fox Law Office, PLLC, and let us help get you results!