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Experienced Truck and Tractor-Trailer Accident Lawyer in West Virginia

Accidents involving trucks and tractor-trailers can often be catastrophic. Commercial trucks must be maintained according to government safety regulations. When they are operated or maintained improperly, this negligence can lead to terrible wrecks and serious injuries, and in many cases, loss of life. Whether you drive a truck and are in an accident on the job, or are someone whose vehicle is involved in an accident caused by a truck or tractor-trailer, contact the Fox Law Office.

Attorney James Fox has over 30 years of experience handling truck accidents and knows the federal law better than most attorneys. We also employ experts in accident reconstruction to help you prove your case. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations cover truck driver logs, truck maintenance, service time, cargo loading, and other important safety rules and standards. The accuracy of these records can make a difference in the successful outcome of your case, and the maximum compensation you receive. We work quickly to preserve important evidence about the conduct of the truck driver and the trucking company leading up to your accident.

James Fox: A Lawyer to Protect Your Rights in a Truck Accident

When it comes to a truck accident, most people look to their insurance as adequate coverage. Trucking companies insure their trucks and tractor-trailers for much more than a regular car. This is due to the large amount of time and distance on the road, and the increased chance of a catastrophic injury or wrongful death.

Injury and accident victims can expect the insurance adjuster to use pressure tactics to avoid payment of insurance benefits. Their goal is to limit payments. Some adjustors know how to use strategies that can be labeled abusive; anything to convince you into settling for less than your actual damages and what you deserve. This is when you need an experienced professional who knows how to deal with the insurance companies for you.

Tractor-Trailer Accidents in West Virginia

All too often, someone else’s neglect can put your life in harm’s way. If you or someone you love has been injured in a tractor-trailer accident, you need Jamie Fox and his team at Fox Law Office, PLLC. They will aggressively pursue your claim and champion your rights in a tractor-trailer accident case. Many tractor trailer and big truck wrecks are caused by sleep deprived and distracted drivers who stay up all night or have driven too many hours. Violation of safety rules, improper loading and securing cargo, shifting loads, equipment failure, and drug use also account for many accidents with terrible damages. When you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed by the negligence of a driver or trucking company, you need someone that you can count on to protect your rights. You need someone with a reputation for getting results. You need someone who will get you the compensation that you deserve. You need Jamie Fox.

Attorney James Fox looks for all liability factors and knows how and where to check to find out who is truly at-fault in the event of a tractor-trailer accident. When commercial vehicles are involved, there may be multiple parties responsible for sharing tractor-trailer liability, and Fox Law Office will seek to obtain maximum compensation from all negligent entities.

A thorough investigation is performed on evidence, witness statements, police reports, and any other data that will help provide a clear understanding about the cause of the accident. Fox Law Office can consult accident scene re-constructionists, safety engineers and a team of other experts who can provide much needed insight. Our firm is committed to holding the wrong-doers responsible and finding all available insurance coverage to fully compensate you for your injuries. Our firm is committed to finding every contributing factor, including:

Negligence by Truck Companies:

  • Unqualified Truck Drivers
  • Encouragement of Speeding
  • Unrealistic Deadlines
  • Improper Maintenance

Negligence by Truck Drivers:

  • Inadequate Rest Breaks
  • Driving Under the Influence
  • Failing to Secure Loads Properly
  • Improper License/Training/Qualification