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Paralysis and Spinal Cord Injury Attorney in West Virginia

Severe injuries involving paralysis most often involve the spinal cord being involved in an accident or trauma. This may be the result of an accident in the home or workplace (such as a construction site fall), or medical malpractice. This injury may also be caused by negligence, and the persons liable may be responsible for damages.

Persons who must deal with paralysis require a lifetime of care. They may become medically fragile over time, and require operations, physical therapies, counseling, and assistive devices to help their quality of life. Depending on the age when someone is injured and paralyzed, these therapies and devices may also need to change over time, so how do you know if you have enough to compensate your needs?

The Fox Law Office, PLLC would like to let you know that insurance companies may be quick to offer a settlement in paralysis and spinal cord injury matters, and you need to consult with an attorney to ensure your rights are protected. Attorney James Fox and our staff utilize the skill of medical experts and forensic accountants to help you present a realistic picture of what your financial needs may be.

Count on the caring team at Fox Law Office when you need help with a spinal cord or paralysis, especially due to someone’s negligence. We can help you receive a settlement you deserve, so contact us today.