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Personal Injury, Workplace Injury, and More in West Virginia

Fox Law Office, PLLC is dedicated to helping you obtain the compensation you deserve after an accident or personal injury occurs. You need expenses to cover medical bills, therapy, and damages, in addition to your regular living expenses while you are recovering. Often, it can feel like a relief when the insurance company offers a settlement; but how do you know if it will be enough to cover all you are going to need? Settlements are just a part of an insurance company’s regular business operations. They often do not take into account many of the irregular ways an individual’s health and recovery can go when dealing with:

Experience Counts When Handing Injury Matters…Count on Fox Law Office, PLLC

Fox Law Office has over three decades of experience dealing extensively with injuries. We encourage you to contact us to review your injury matter with us. Whether it is a workplace injury, or a slip and fall in a general setting because of someone’s negligence, there is often more that can be considered when it comes to getting you the right compensation promptly. You need not settle for an inadequate amount right now when there can be extended health matters that will cause future expenses.

Attorney James Fox has helped clients from all across West Virginia with personal injury matters. He knows what is needed and has the resources to call in experts who compile and review all the information and who can evaluate evidence to support your claims of negligence. He realizes the pain you have from your injuries, especially those where there can be extensive damage, that can bring on either lifelong disability or loss of a loved one.

When you are facing a drastic change to the life you had, you can count on Fox Law Office, PLLC, to work with you and fight hard for your legal rights. Attorney James Fox is committed to getting the insurance company to provide the settlement you deserve.