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Mingo, Wyoming & McDowell Counties, WV

Mingo, Wyoming & McDowell Counties, WV

Coal mining operations are prevalent in the southern part of West Virginia. Along with these companies are increased incidents of roadway accidents, employment issues, personal injury cases, and delayed insurance settlements. For over 30 years, Attorney James Fox, at the Fox Law Office, PLLC, has worked to represent clients affected by coal mining jobs throughout the state and in Mingo, Wyoming, and Counties.

Mingo County, WV: Williamson, Delbarton & Gilbert

When you await the settlement of an insurance matter in Williamson, every letter and phone call seems to add to the difficulty. When insurance companies dispute your claim, it may be best to call on the experience of Attorney James Fox, at the Fox Law Office, in Hurricane. With over 30 years of experience, he and his staff will work to get your insurance dispute settled promptly.

An automobile accident in Delbarton can affect your life in many ways, including damages and injuries that may require an experienced attorney to resolve. The caring staff, at the Fox Law Office, PLLC, will work with you on your auto accident matter to stand for your rights and get injury and damages compensated for you.

Coal trucks travel through the Gilbert area, and these heavy vehicles can be involved in accidents. Commercial trucks carry a number of insurance policies to handle these liabilities, and it takes the experience of an attorney like James Fox, at the Fox Law Office, to file claims in court to hold parties responsible in a coal truck accident.

Wyoming County, WV: Pineville, Mullens & Oceana

Motorcycle operators in Pineville may be involved in a roadway accident because of the negligence of other drivers. When this happens, you can count on the experience of Attorney James Fox, at the Fox Law Office, in Hurricane, to handle your motorcycle accident matter. He and his staff will assert your rights and litigate for damages under the law.

A personal injury can happen at any time in Mullens. Attorney James Fox, of the Fox Law Office, has litigated personal injury matters for over 30 years in West Virginia. He and his staff have the experience to get the settlement results you need. Take advantage of the free, initial consultation today.

Coal mine accidents happen in the area around Oceana, and across West Virginia. The Fox Law Office, in Hurricane, has the experience to work on your coal mine accident matter. Attorney James Fox has the legal experience working with equipment failures, collapses, toxic exposure, and more. Contact his office today for a consultation on your accident case.

McDowell County, WV: Welch, Gary & War

Logging accidents can happen in Welch and anywhere in timber country across the state. This rugged work can bring severe injuries when accidents happen, so you may need to take advantage of the free initial consultation at the Fox Law Office, PLLC. Attorney James Fox and his staff can help with your logging and timber accident and get you the results you need.

Drilling for natural gas is another heavy industry in the region. If you are in Gary and have sustained injuries in an accident involving negligence and a vehicle or operation related to the natural gas mining process, contact Attorney James Fox, at the Fox Law Office. He and his staff can help you obtain a settlement for your damages.

War residents who have been in a construction accident can count on the experienced legal team at the Fox Law Office, PLLC, in Hurricane, WV. Attorney James Fox has over three decades of experience in helping clients injured in construction accidents. Contact them today to get a free initial consultation.

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