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Logging and Timber Industry Accident Claims in West Virginia

The logging and timber industry is another force that drives the economy across the state of West Virginia. The journey of wood, from living tree to its end uses, contains a number of natural and man-made elements that can contribute to the instability and dangers associated with lumberjacking, logging, moving the timber, and turning it into usable lumber for other industries down the road. As with mining, this industry is filled with a number of daily circumstances that place worker safety in jeopardy and can contribute to accidental injuries and accidental death claims.

Fox Law Office, PLLC handles these logging and timber industry accident claims across the state of West Virginia. Attorney James Fox and his staff work diligently for clients who have been injured out in the field. Felling trees, turning them into logs, and getting those logs into trucks, is a process done by strong workers with rugged equipment and special skill. Transporting those large loads can sometimes bring roadway accidents, due to load shifting or truck maintenance problems. Timber preparation and saw mills that handle the raw materials are another part of the operation can experience injury. Even with the best safety equipment and training, accidents do happen.

West Virginia Logging Industry Liability Investigated by Fox Law Office, PLLC

Fox Law Office can investigate your logging and timber industry accident claim in West Virginia. Our staff is dedicated to getting our clients the maximum compensation for injuries that can keep workers off the job while healing takes place. We can help deal with the insurance companies and help you get more than what basic workers’ compensation benefits may provide.

As with many trucking-related accidents and injuries, we obtain expert reports from reconstruction specialists and acquire records from authorities who oversee operations and transportation. The evidence we collect all serves to determine any negligence and liability so the court can make a more accurate determination in favor of the injured claimant. Attorney James Fox and his staff is dedicated to getting our clients work and insurance claims settled, and seeks compensation for those who are injured or killed in a logging and timber industry related accident.