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Accident, Injury, Employment, and Insurance in West Virginia

Attorney Jamie Fox has spent his career helping accident victims. Fox Law Office, PLLC and Attorney James Fox is the place to call when you have been involved in an accident, personal injury, employment matter and insurance disputes.

Accident cases include those involving motor vehicles, such as automobiles, trucks, and motorcycles. These are the most common vehicle types; however, if you have a legal question involving an accident with an off-road vehicle or other such vehicle or watercraft, please give us a call.

Personal injury cases include a wide variety of causes; such as, logging or mining accidents, defective products, premises liability, and nursing home abuse. Any of these personal injuries may also include a significant brain or spinal cord injury that can have a debilitating effect on recovery. Personal injury law also covers wrongful death cases.

Employment law matters also cover a spectrum of topics, from harassment, to discrimination, to wrongful termination, and workers’ compensation discrimination. Whether you have a work contract or not, it can be good to review your employment matter with an attorney to see if representation is right for you.

Insurance disputes can occur in connection to any claim that is made, for any accident, injury, malpractice, or even acting in bad faith. You need not navigate the often complicated and lengthy discussion process alone. Having an experienced attorney may help bring an end to endless delay tactics and other disputes and complications so you can achieve a settlement and move forward with your life.

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