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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace in West Virginia

Fox Law Office, PLLC, is here to assist with your employment law matter when it comes to sexual harassment in the workplace. It is general knowledge that harassment, especially sexual harassment is against the law when it comes to employment. However, such harassment may be part of a business or corporate culture, known in Latin terms as “quid pro quo,” which means you are expected to permit [sexual favors] in order to get or keep, or in exchange for, [your job].

Something that might be considered sexually inappropriate can sometimes be passed off as a joke, or confusingly be seen as flattering by some people. Sexual harassment may come from anywhere or anybody—a co-worker, manager, executive, or a visitor to the workplace. It is not permitted in any industry in the state, and it can take various forms.

Attorney James Fox has over 30 years of experience in West Virginia courts, and has the resources to prove fault in all types of sexual harassment. As you may see, sexual harassment may have many gray areas. If you have been bribed by your supervisor to give some sort of sexual favor in order to keep your job, get benefits, or a promotion, then you need to speak to an experienced sexual harassment lawyer. Fox Law Office is committed to helping our clients, protecting their rights, and fighting back against acts that can turn a workplace into a hostile environment.

Consult with a knowledgeable sexual harassment attorney today by calling James Fox at the Fox Law Office, PLLC.

You Need a Compassionate and Aggressive Car Accident Lawyer

At the Fox Law Office, PLLC, our legal staff is poised to provide you with a compassionate and aggressive car accident lawyer when you need one the most. After an accident, you may receive an offer from the insurance company. Chances are, this offer could be far less than what you deserve.

Determining the proper compensation after an automobile accident is not a simple matter. If the accident caused extensive brain or spinal cord damage, or led to the wrongful death of a loved one, the situation is complicated further. We will explain your rights and hold the insurance company accountable for what is owed to you. If the insurance company acts in bad faith, we will protect your interests by taking the case to court.