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Workers' Compensation Discrimination

Workers’ Compensation Discrimination Lawyer in West Virginia

Some employers continue to use unfair employment practices when it comes to workers’ compensation. The law is in place to help injured workers when they experience work-related injuries. Employers may retaliate against employees for filing workers’ compensation claims by demoting or discharging them. If this has happened to you, obtain experienced legal counsel.

Fox Law Office, PLLC knows the employment law related to workers’ compensation discrimination. Attorney James Fox has advocated for the rights of injured workers, ensuring they receive the benefits entitled to them, especially if they have been terminated wrongfully after filing for workers’ compensation.

Employment Discrimination is Wrong

Intimidation tactics in employment are illegal throughout the state of West Virginia. If your employer has threatened to demote and/or fire you after filing a workers’ compensation claim, count on Fox Law Office, PLLC to preserve your rights. Fox Law Office is prepared to fight back against such dishonest tactics.

You need a strong and experienced attorney to defend your rights. Attorney James Fox knows how to find facts and hold employers accountable to help you secure a full financial recovery. This recovery can include punitive damages, reinstatement, front and back pay, and your workers’ compensation benefits. Working together we can protect your livelihood instead of being victimized by the wrongful action of an employer.