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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in West Virginia

The image many people have of motorcyclists can be different than they may encounter, especially when it comes to accidents and injuries. In spite of the often outrageous appearance portrayed in the media and movies, motorcycle operators are often more cautious about things like driving hazards, roadway conditions, and making lane changes. They have to be, since they operate their vehicles without the extra metal frame and other safety features found in cars and trucks today.

A large number of people use motorcycles because of their fuel efficiency. Young people may use them to commute between home, university, and work. Today, many younger retirees find enjoyment riding with their spouses on the open road, alone or as part of a larger group, for weekend outings to enjoy the scenery or participate in fund raising events. When someone in another vehicle makes a sudden lane change or fails to check properly at intersections, these cars and trucks may carelessly hit motorcycles and cause a devastating accident.

Is the Insurance Company Out to Get You Instead of There to Protect You?

As if the agony of being in a motorcycle accident was not bad enough, insurance companies can somehow manage to put the blame and burden of a motorcycle accident on the biker, instead of the driver of the car or truck. As the injured party, you may feel like the insurance company is out to get you instead of there to protect you. In cases like these, you need an attorney that gets results, Fox Law Office, PLLC works with skilled reconstructionists to compare data at the accident scene to prove liability.

We also work with medical experts, technicians, and forensic economists to quantify the extent of your injuries and obtain an accurate idea of your financial needs. This often includes time for recovery, medical costs, and additional stresses that can help get you on the road to recovery.