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Fox Law Office’s Safety Tips to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

Wear a Helmet, and Follow the Law to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

Our latest blog offers safety tips to prevent motorcycle accidents. Sometimes motorcycle accidents aren’t avoidable, and result in injury. At Fox Law Office PLLC, we’ll seek compensation for which you’re entitled if you’re injured in a motorcycle accident. That said, we encourage everyone to avoid motorcycle accidents by adhering to common sense safety tips. Those safety tips include:

  • Wearing a Helmet 
  • Choosing to Follow the Law
  • Not Doing Lane Splitting
  • Operating Within Your Motorcycle Skill Level 
  • Practicing Regular Maintenance

When You Follow the Law in W.V., You Wear a Helmet on a Motorcycle

In West Virginia, to follow the law you must wear a helmet while operating a motorcycle, according to §17C-15-44(a.) West Virginia law also states the helmet and other protective gear must meet DOT or ANSI standards. You also follow the law when the handlebars aren’t more than 15 inches above the uppermost part of the seat. Motorcyclists can find more information to help follow the law in West Virginia at

Don’t Do Lane Splitting; Also, Truly Know Your Motorcycling Skill Level

When you drive a motorcycle between rows of vehicles in the same lane, either stopped or moving, that’s lane splitting. You also follow the law in West Virginia and avoid motorcycle accidents when you don’t do lane splitting. Lane splitting might be convenient and regularly practiced by motorcyclists, but most states have deemed lane splitting unsafe. Besides not doing lane splitting, you can prevent motorcycle accidents when you operate your bike within your skill level.

What Does it Mean to Operate Within Your Skill Level?

Simply put, operating within your skill level is driving with a total ability to control the motorcycle. Motorcyclists with developed skill levels know that driving at faster speeds isn’t the same as having high quality skills. If you want to improve upon your skill level, it’s okay to get training from a professional motorcycle instructor.

Prevent Motorcycle Accidents When You Practice Regular Maintenance

Besides wearing a helmet and knowing your skill level, you avoid motorcycle accidents when practicing regular maintenance on your bike. Regular maintenance will ensure your motorcycle operates efficiently. Examples of regular maintenance include:

  • Keeping the Oil and Coolant Changed 
  • Replacing the Air Filter 
  • Maintaining Proper Tire Pressure and Tread
  • Keeping a Clean Chain

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