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Common Employment Discrimination Claims Filed by Fox Law Office

The Law Says Employers Can’t Discriminate Based on Certain Classes

There are many common employment discrimination claims filed by Fox Law Office PLLC. These claims are usually cases involving employers discriminating against employees for certain classes, like their age, gender, religion, or disability. The U.S. Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) says employers can’t do that. But, how do you know if you have a discrimination case because of your age, gender, religion, or disability?

Denied Employment Due to Religion, Disability, Age, or Gender? Prove It

It’s hard to prove a business denying employment due to religion, disability, age, or gender. Why? Most companies practice at-will employment; employers can hire or terminate employees at any time for any legal reason. No law requires employers to give explanations for denying employment or for termination either, except if employees are under contract.

Signs You’ve Been Discriminated Against Because of Age or Gender

An employer may have discriminated against you because of your older age if the boss encouraged or forced you to retire. You might be a victim of younger age discrimination if an employer denied you a promotion despite your positive work. If you heard your boss make remarks, jokes, or insults about your gender, that boss discriminated against you. The employer may have discriminated against your gender by overlooking you for work given to coworkers of a particular gender. Your employer can’t withhold work because of your gender, nor force you to retire because of your age.

Ways You’ll Know Your Employer Discriminated Against Your Religion

As with your gender, your employer may have discriminated against your religion if you hear negative remarks about it. The same is true if your boss terminated you for absenteeism on days observed by your religion, but others aren’t for theirs. Experiencing hostility from your supervisor for wearing clothing or accessories related to your religion? That, again, means your employer may have discriminated against your religion, and needs held accountable.

It’s Unlawful for an Employer to Discriminate Against Your Disability

Though age, gender, and religion discrimination is unacceptable, so are employers who discriminate against a disability unacceptable. Just as with gender, if an employer overlooks you for work given to coworkers who don’t have a disability, that’s discrimination. Your employer also discriminates against your disability if you don’t have reasonable accommodations, like a handicap accessible restroom. If you feel you’re treated differently overall because of your disability, it’s possible you’re being discriminated against.

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