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Fox Law Office Explains Four Reasons to File a Personal Injury Claim

If You Have a Personal Injury, You May Be Entitled to Monetary Damages

There are at least four reasons to file a personal injury claim, all of which Fox Law Office PLLC handles. You should file a personal injury claim for compensatory damages. This is money the court awards you to compensate you for your personal injury. If the party responsible for your injury needs to be accountable, you might consider filing a personal injury claim. Another reason to file a personal injury claim is punitive—intended as punishment—towards the party responsible. You also might want to file a personal injury claim to prevent more injuries from occurring in the future.

Hold the Personal Injury Defendant Accountable, Prevent More Injuries

Two reasons why many people file personal injury claims are to hold defendants accountable, and prevent more injuries. Personal injury claims that allege negligence seek to hold defendants accountable for breaching their legal duty and causing injurious damage. Proving negligence means the defendant’s actions or lack thereof, fell below reasonable standards of care, thus holding the defendant accountable. If a personal injury claim plaintiff is successful, it’s possible their victory might prevent more injuries by the defendant.

How a Personal Injury Claim Can Prevent More Injuries

In 1994, Stella Liebeck suffered third-degree burns after accidentally spilling McDonald’s coffee in her lap. Liebeck filed a personal injury lawsuit for damages and to prevent more injuries, accusing McDonald’s of gross negligence. She won her case. Afterwards, every McDonald’s in the nation ensured their coffee cups had sufficient warning labels. Liebeck’s lawsuit, therefore, served to prevent more injuries.

Receive Compensatory and/or Punitive Damages for a Personal Injury

Personal injury claims also benefit plaintiffs when the plaintiffs receive compensatory damages. Compensatory damages help plaintiffs pay medical bills, regain lost wages, or recoup liquidated resources used to pay for injuries. In addition to compensatory damages, personal injury claims often include personal injury plaintiffs seeking punitive damages.

Punitive Damages Hold Defendants Accountable, and Prevent More Injuries

If the personal injury suffered by a plaintiff is likely to reoccur, punitive damages often serve to prevent more injuries. Punitive damages are also known as exemplary damages–intended to set an example. This means punitive damages hold the defendant accountable for the negligence responsible for the plaintiff’s personal injury.

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